Wednesday 30/9

Location: Vergaderzaal 7 (P&O building)

    • 09.30-10.30: Publication types (all team members, Mike to present)
      • Speaker: Mike Burg
      • Preparation: See
    • 10.30-12.00: Publication venues – the journals et al (all team members, each team member to present information on several journals/publication venues, Mike will prepare list with input from all). Topics: journal website, instructions for authors, article types, impact factor, time to review, open access.
    • 12.00-13.00: worklunch (vergaderzaal 7) “Research information logistics WFG”
      • with Hugo Keuzekamp, Rob Kuijpers (IT department), Pieter Vroon (head financial department), Pieter Kievit
    • 13.00-end: Publication venues (continued)
      • Funding your project (all team members, Mike to lead) – NVSHA, SGO Fund, Hospital, Department, EUSEM, IFEM, benefactors, ACEP section grant, ZONMW and others
      • Speakers: Pieter Kievit, Mike Burg and Resident(s)
      • Mike : describes the way he knows it works
      • Pieter Kievit: describes the Dutch options
      • Resident David Baden: describes the Dutch EM options


Print and take with you: documents (restricted access)

Wednesday September 30th will be “Journal Day” amongst other things.  There are tons of EM journals (and others) available to publish in. Below a list that will be useful for the EP.

For Wednesday the 30th each will present a little information on 2 journals.  Present your information (5 min max/journal) in the following format. The result will be published here:

      1. journal website – make sure it works
      2. instructions for authors – can be just a link
      3. article types they accept
      4. impact factor – can be found on Google
      5. time to review/article acceptance rate – often found on the journal’s website
      6. suitability for our group’s submissions – in the opinion of the presenter
      7. other (limited) useful information as appropriate


      • Annals of EM
      • Academic EM


      • American Family Physician
      • The American J of EM


      • Acute Medicine
      • BMJ Emergency Med


      • Canadian J of EM
      • Case Reports in EM


      • Emergency Medicine
      • Emergency Medicine International


      • European J of EM
      • EM Journal


      • Injury
      • International J of EM


      • The Journal of EM
      • The J of the Am Med Assoc


      • The New England J of Med
      • Netherlands J of Medicine


      • Pediatric Emergency Care
      • Western J of EM